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HD Projector

Make your special occasion even more magical!
Share your favorite memories with all your guest.

Moon Light Flying Balloon

Giant Moonlight Flying Balloon suitable for engagements nights or weddings,
events, carnivals, festivals, outdoor dinner or ceremony…

Dry ice smoke machine

The dry ice effect is a special effect that creates a low lying cloud that hugs the dance floor, very popular for the First Dance.

Custom Projections Gobo/Monogram

The custom monogram is a special effect that projects a custom image anywhere. “imagine your initials over the bridal table or slowly rotating on the dance floor”

Bubble Machine

Follow Spot

Dance floor

Dance Floor Rental. I have a black dance floor for your party,event or wedding. It can be setup inside or outside.

Uplight Led

Led up Light add an amazing effect to your wedding or corporate event by lighting up walls, architecture, a cake, or anything you can imagine with color. Each LED up light can produce millions of colors and is digitally programmed to match your decor or specified color(s). These lights can be placed anywhere (inside or outside).

Moving Head Lights

Lights that can be controlled through the use of special controllers or software, so your lighting designers can change the look and feel of the lighting during the wedding.These lights can be placed anywhere (inside or outside).

Disco Ball

Sound System

Pioneer Controller & Macbook Air

Wireless Microphone

Wedding Reception Tents (12m x 8m)

Power Generator (40 KW)

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