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Luxury DJ Events is a full service event company providing the DJ, Sound + Light for weddings and other events.The combination of musical experience- more than 20 years of activity- and knowledge, provides you the liability insurance required.The innovative ideas and the cutting edge technology in sound+lights are the elements of a successful result. We have the best option for your wedding whether you require a DJ, a live band a solo artist or a collaboration of them. Of course, every wedding requires the right atmosphere to set everyone in the right mood and therefore we provide creative light solutions to transform your place.

So far we have catered weddings in numerous locations in and out of Greece giving us invaluable experience.We have been to many of the Greek islands in Ionian and Aegean sea and more as well as in Mainland.We have also serviced events in Geneva,Barcelona,Florence and Paris. So,choose your location and we can make it happen!

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