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Before you hire a DJ for your wedding you will want to ensure that they are able and willing to provide you with the services you’ll need from them on your wedding day. Part of the process of choosing a DJ should be asking certain questions that will give you a better idea of what they can do for you.

Technically anyone these days can load up their laptop computer with MP3s and say they are a DJ, but you will want yours to prove he or she is a professional before you hire them for your wedding.

The second question to ask them before you hire them is what type of equipment they have. A professional DJ will have equipment that includes wired and wireless microphones, speakers and other appropriate equipment. Most professionals will have DJ equipment made by companies such as RCF, JBL, PIONEER ELECTROVOICE and several others.

Check out their website. If their website is poorly made, it may be an indicator that they do not take themselves or their DJ business very seriously. A website should have pictures of them and their setup, not just stock images of wedding couples and flowers. Having videos on their website is a bonus, as it shows they are actually out DJing real events.

Check out the DJ’s reviews online. A simple Google search on a few DJs you have narrowed down your search to will show revealing information about your potential DJ.

Chances are you already have a pretty good idea of the kind of music you want your DJ to play at your wedding reception. To make sure you and your DJ are on the same page be sure to ask him or her if they can and will play the songs that you want them to play. While it’s not likely you have every single song already picked out for your wedding, it is inevitable that you and your fiance will have certain songs that mean something to you that you will want included in your wedding day. Ensure in advance that the DJ has those songs in their collection or can acquire them in time before you hire him or her.

Asking these questions before hiring your DJ will help your wedding day go smoothly and allow you to enjoy the day.

How A Wedding DJ Can Make Or Break Your Wedding

In a world where everyone knows someone who is a DJ, it is important for couples to know that there is a difference in professional vs amateur DJs. A DJ who specializes in weddings not only knows proper etiquette for receptions, but has the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience that makes a wedding DJ great.

Imagine a reception without music, or worse, music that you wouldn’t want to hear. That doesn’t exactly offer the best experience for you and your guests. A couple’s wedding night is among the most important in their lives, and no one wants it to be ruined by someone who is an amateur DJ who doesn’t know what they are doing. Hiring someone “cheap” can actually cost a couple more in the end, especially if they don’t get what they expected or worse: the DJ doesn’t show up

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